Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

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Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby LOLtron » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:16 pm

No, Jason Aaron's Wolverine #13 is not just a reprint of issues 10 through 12...though it certainly feels like it.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Wolverine #13

Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Renato Guides
Cover: Jae Lee

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: 8/3/2011

$3.99 for...I didn't count the pages...probably about 22.


We get it already. Wolverine has been around a long time and has gone on some murderous berserker killing sprees during which he kills people with families. The canuckle-head doesn't think about the consequences of his death dealing actions and thus a lot of the victims' family members hate him to the point of wanting Wolverine dead: multiple-case revenge. We get it. Did we have to spend 4 issues on it?

Jason Aaron writes Wolverine like Peyton Manning plays football. Aaron is one of the best in the business, but like Manning, he doesn't play for my team...or at least lately anyway.

I'm on team Jacob Wolverine!

Wolverine #13 is yet another issue (the 4th in a row now) which Aaron writes more about the side characters than he does about Wolverine. I buy Wolverine to (this may sound crazy) read about Wolverine. With that said, I completely understand why Aaron is telling side-character stories. Aaron is trying to explain who Wolverine is, and how he is viewed, through associations with people he has affected. We get it. The problem is we got it in issue 10 through 12, as well.

The actual issue is well written, but the need for it did not seem necessary. Sometimes when writers want a storyline to have a large impact on a character, writers tend to create a drawn-out arc to drive home (with readers) the importance of the story. I think that's what is going on here because after several issues of practically the same thing I am really looking forward to how Aaron wraps-up this arc.

Story aside, the cover by Jae Lee is once again the highlight of Wolverine. I want to see every comic book title done by Jae Lee for 2 years straight, so that I start to hate his work. After those 2 years Lee stops putting out art all together. Then, about 5 to 10 years later he releases one last cover before he is viciously killed by a bear on a trip to Yosemite, and I start to cry because I took for granted what spectacular covers he provided. It is at that point that I realize I should have appreciated what I had while I had it.

(Dom shakes head, and snaps out of it)

Sorry. I don't know where I went just then. Ah, yes. Jae Lee. Good work.

So what am I left with after the 4th Wolverine issue in a row of the same thing? I'm left thinking about the end piece in Austin Powers, "The Henchman's Wife." The scene summed-up the feeling of loss in about 55 seconds. Why couldn't Aaron, as well?

For more comic related posts and reviews by Dom, head on over to!

Review by: Dom G
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fieldy snuts
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Re: Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby fieldy snuts » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:24 pm

I like the side stories but I concur that this is taking forever. I was just getting into this issue and then I got to the page that said "to be concluded" on the corner. They're well written but they finish way too fast with the focus mostly being on the side stories while the main story of each issue is Wolverine killing another lame henchman and moving into another room.

That said, I think I get what the Red Right Hand is going to do. I believe they're working Wolverine into a rage with everything they've done to him and just when he charges into the room to kill them they'll deny him by committing mass suicide before he gets his ultimate revenge. Or I might be wrong and Aaron surprises me as he so often does.

Flynn the Pirate
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Re: Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby Flynn the Pirate » Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:43 am

This issue did feel more than a little repetitive. But then, I wasn't exactly overjoyed at yet another story involving Wolverine going on a revenge spree. Surely a writer as talented as Aaron could have come up with something better.

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Re: Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby 365Dom » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:22 am

@flynn the pirate - To be fair, it's actually a reverse of Wolverine going on a revenge spree. It's his victim's family who are out for revenge.

Flynn the Pirate
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Re: Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby Flynn the Pirate » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:27 am

Dom G wrote:@flynn the pirate - To be fair, it's actually a reverse of Wolverine going on a revenge spree. It's his victim's family who are out for revenge.

One must remember, though, that his move to the mansion where the Red Hand is hiding out is itself out of revenge for them putting him in Hell.

And that the title of the entire arc is "Wolverine's Revenge".

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Re: Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby Kolimar » Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:50 pm

Nice review.
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Re: Room With a Review: Wolverine #13

Postby Punchy » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:10 am

More flashbacks, which whilst very interesting, were a bit repetitive. I did like getting an inside into the Hand, they are a Marvel classic, but I don’t know much about them. I think I have an idea of what is going to be behind that door, but I’m not sure how it will play out. This whole arc seems to be about deconstructing Wolverine and showing how he may not really be a hero, or even an anti-hero. It’s Wolverine’s Revenge, but should we actually want him to get it? Jason Aaron is doing a fantastic job of de-mythologizing Logan, and if anyone can tell this story and not make us absolutely hate Wolverine, then it’s the Alabama Corn-Snake himself

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