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Saga #3 (ominous cave of doom Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon May 21, 2012 9:55 am

More inter-galactic weirdness from BKV and Fiona Staples. In many ways I think that this book is kind of a reverse-Saucer Country. In Cornell’s book, the real world is being encroached on by science fiction, but BKV keeps having his crazy sci-fi world interrupted by real world thoughts and feelings. It’s refreshing that in amongst all of the weird ghosts and aliens, the real story here is about parenthood, and being in love and all that relatable crap. I may be stretching it, but it’s there. There’s also the way BKV undercuts the setting by having the dialogue be exactly the same as it would be in the real world, really grounds everything nicely. My favourite scene in this issue was the interrogation with the Robot Prince, it was cool to see him cut loose and be a bad-ass. Even if he is the weirdest looking bad-ass ever. This book is just great, and it’s a real pleasure to have new stuff from Vaughan every month, the medium’s missed him, and it’s awesome to have his imagination back, and working at full capacity.

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