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Satellite Sam #3 (Thought thisha f*ckin cowboy town Spoilers

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Postby Punchy » Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:12 pm

Man, this is a weird book. There are parts of it I really like, and other parts where I just really am not invested yet. The stuff where people just talk about 1950s TV is just a bit of a bore, but when things get a little bit sleazy, things pick up. Maybe I’m just a filthy perv, but either way, I need to be entertained!

The best parts of this issue were when Michael White was questioning Kara (I’m getting the hang of some character’s names, but not all of them) about her past with his dad. The flashback where she was a drunk fuck-up were, as I said, nice and sleazy, and we did get a very interesting revelation, in that Carlyle White saved her life by rushing her to a hospital after an ill-advised trip to Mexico that ended with Kara covered in blood. I can’t tell if we’re meant to think Kara was shot or that she had a dodgy abortion, but either way, it does add some needed depth to Carlyle White, and show that he’s not just a filthy sex-pest. But he is still that, as Kara and Michael visit Carlyle’s apartment and we find out that he only takes his dirty photos the first time he’s with a woman, and that means that there’s a photo of the woman he was with when he died out there… a clue!

The other plotlines are less interesting, a camera-man gets distracted by some weird distortion, pisses off the singer he was supposed to be filming, and then gets kicked out of her nightclub. I don’t really know what’s going on with that. And then we see the head of the LeMonde Network having a dinner part, and discover that his wife is having an affair with the Commissioner. It was interesting to see that the woman seemed to be in charge with this affair, as she orders the Commissioner to eat her out. Man, this is a dirty comic, it doesn’t help that the covers are so suggestive too, I feel like I can’t read this comic on the bus for sure!

Chaykin’s art is still perfectly suited for this story, nobody does sleaze like him, but I don’t really read comics for titillation, I think I need the story to pick up a little, and I do trust Fraction to do so. Now that the dead man at the heart of this story is being revealed piece by piece, I think this book will become more than just a weird mish-mash of TV jargon and sex.

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