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Satellite Sam #5 (Your little hummingbird Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:11 pm

Jesus, was this a special blowjob variant or something? Pretty much every scene in this issue involved someone sucking somebody else’s dick, and it was probably all a bit too much. Reading Satellite Sam makes me feel kind of dirty afterwards, and I’m guessing that’s what Fraction and Chaykin are intending, I mean, the wraparound cover was just a close-up of a woman’s ass in lingerie, it’s meant to be sleazy.

Let’s go through this thing BJ-by-BJ. The first one we see is Mrs Ginsberg, the wife of the LeMonde Network head, going down on Reb Karnes, the man from the FCC. This was pretty explicit, and it was made even saucier by the fact that Mr Ginsberg was watching it all happen through a hole in the side of the truck they were doing it in and jerking off. When we saw Maddie Ginsberg and Karnes fuck previously, it seemed like the good Doctor was oblivious, but now that is complicated. It looks like he’s allowing this affair to happen to get more assistance from the FCC. Doc Ginsberg is almost caught in his act of voyeurism by Eugene, who comes up to him with an idea for a new TV show, and in an attempt to get Gene to leave, Ginsberg agrees to give him a new show. This leads to Gene returning to that club with the singer he’s obsessed with, braining the Doorman with a spanner, walking right up to her dressing room, and asking her to be on his new show. No blowjob though.

To mix things up a bit, the next bit of fellatio fun is some man-on-man action. Guy is working late, struggling on a script. Another man walks past his office (have we seen this character before?), remarks how Guy is working late, and they sneak off to a wardrobe room (they are literally in the closet, heh, clever), where the other man sucks Guy off. Throughout all of these scenes, Chaykin never actually draws a penis (which is probably a good thing, a penis drawn by Chaykin would be a rectangle, very odd), but this second BJ is even more explicit than the first, as we see what could either be cum or spit on the man’s face. This scene ends with someone taking a picture of the action, which will definitely spell trouble for guy. Because of Chaykin’s art-style, I couldn’t really tell who it was who took the photo, but I think it was Hamilton, one of Satellite Sam’s supporting actors. I’m guessing he’s going to use this to blackmail Guy and get more starring roles in the show.

The third and final blowjob of the issue comes when Michael White and Kara go in search of some of the women who have been photographed by Michael’s dad. They find one in a club, and she and Michael go off for a chat, where she, well, you know by now what she does. We don’t actually see as much of this one, but I think it’s actually a masterful use of comics technique and ‘the gutters’. All you see is this close up shots of Michael and this woman’s face, and your mind just fills in the gaps between the panels with dick sucking. It’s filthy, but very good storytelling and a great example of the kind of stuff only comics can do. Kara sees this and storms off, but Michael chases after her and gets into the cab too, and it turns out he got more than just oral from this woman, he got information too, as he now thinks Ginsberg was behind his dad’s death.

The only other, non BJ-scene was about Mariangela, and her troubles with her fiancé, and how his mother doesn’t want him marrying an Italian. It’s cool to get more detail on this story, and to take a break from the constant sex (although, she was in lingerie of course), but this plot is moving slowly.

This title continues to be a very strange read, it’s very dirty, but it’s always interesting, and I think at this point, despite Chaykin’s character models being very similar, I’m getting a handle on who’s who. This is a book with a lot of sucking, but it certainly doesn’t suck.

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