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Saucer Country #2 (Straight out of the movies! Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:56 pm

I kind of feel like this issue should have been combined with #1 to form a bumper-sized debut, because really, this issue improves on the first one in pretty much every way (except art, Ryan Kelly is equally awesome here as he was last mont) and makes whatever problems I had with #1 disappear. This was just a damn good comic with some great moments and enticing mystery. I loved the scene with Arcadia trying to explain what happened to her advisors and trying to keep them onside, that was the West Wing kind of feel I was looking for. And then the sci-fi is there creeping around the background. How does the professor know that he’s about to be offered a political job? Are those little figures aliens? Or is he just crazy? I like that Cornell is still keeping his cards close to his chest, there’s a possibility that Arcadia could just be mad, she could have snapped after being anally raped. But then again, her ex-husband is also seeing aliens, so what’s going on? I love that ambiguity and sense of confusion. I also really liked the explanation as to why the aliens that Arcadia ‘saw’ look like the clichéd ‘Greys’.

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