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SDCC: Interview with 'The Goon' creator Eric Powell

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:44 pm

SDCC: Interview with 'The Goon' creator Eric Powell

We spoke with Eric Powell about work on The Goon animated movie and the future of the comic.

It's been seven months since the Goon Movie Kickstarter was successfully funded, do you have any updates on the status of that project?

Well, we actually just finished up a panel here on it a little bit ago.  We've been working away at the animations and we showed off a couple clips of that.  I think they will be finished with that around November and then we begin the process again of trying to get a studio on-board or get private funding.  I think with the story reel, it will show how strong the project is and hopefully someone will want to get involved.  The kickstarter definitely boosted interest in the project, but a lot studios are still sitting back waiting to see what we come up with first.


Do you feel the switch from semi-ongoing regular series will effect how you produce and plan the comic?

I don't think so, I think I'm still going to the same type of stories I have been doing.  I have had a few questions like this since saying I was going to switch to more of a mini-series format, people saying they liked the stories that were more self-contained in single issues.  But I'm still going to be doing that, I'll still be doing the same things.  All my books have a beginning, middle and end, but they also connect and build to a larger story. 

This next mini-series I have planned is definitely a bigger story, more along the lines of Chinatown, with that dark somber tone.  But it's a bunch of individual comics that tie into a bigger story.  So it's not one of these comics you have to get twenty-seven issues of just to get a full story.


Before you got the Goon's look down, who did you picture in your head when drawing him?

Hmm, I dont know who I pictured, because the early drawings of the Goon looked pretty goofy.  I just pictured some giant ugly guy that would be fun to draw.  I'm not sure I could insult anyone that much by saying I based this giant goofy guy with a giant overbite on them (laughs).


How long did it take for you to get the look down?

I came up with the character around 1996 and if you look at the early books he really doesn't resemble the way he looks now.  He might keep evolving a little as time goes on even.


Will any of those looks change with the movie coming?

Not much.  One thing I did do, when they were working on designs for Franky, they started playing around with animations, the way his face works when he talks, and asked me if I was going to be mad if they gave him teeth because the face animation was not working.  The mouth doesn't look right animated without teeth and I never draw him with teeth.  I told them to go ahead, but I never even paid attention to the fact that I never drew him with teeth.   The Kickstarter incentive cover was the first time I've ever given Franky teeth since it was a comic for the film.


Did you get any backlash?

(laughs) No one even noticed, or if they did didn't complain to me, that I gave him teeth in that image.


One last question, what should we keep an eye out for next with The Goon comic?

The last issue of The Goon ongoing, issue forty-four, I believe will be out in October and then we are going to get straight into the new arc: Occasion of Revenge

Written or Contributed by Angela Jones & Jeremy Shane


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