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Secret Avengers #30 (Ill-concieved home enema kit Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:06 am

More fun in Bagalia with Hawkeye and the gang, and it was refreshing to see the Secret Avengers trying to be secret for once. Hawkeye doesn’t want to intervene in Venom’s fight with Taskmaster because he doesn’t want the supervillains to know that Venom is now working as a hero. At times this book has hardly been secret at all, so it was cool to see them try and be discreet, such as using Ant-Man to sneak inside Taskmaster’s head. Of course, then Hawkeye and Valkyrie have a massive motor-cycle chase through the city, so secrecy ends there, but hey. I think the best thing about this issue was Vengeance (the evil Ghost Rider) and his ridiculous pontificating rants and how Hawkeye made fun of them, you could tell Remender was having fun with that. In the end, we get to a moment that this book has been teasing since #1, the 3 Crowns are combined into one for Max Fury to use… and they don’t work, because he’s just a robot. That was a clever way to undercut things, and then to twist it again as Taskmaster puts it on and everything goes to shit. The Abyss is upon us. What does that mean? I’m very excited to find out. I was also very impressed by Mateo Scalera’s artwork in this issue, it’s growing on me, I thought it was a bit cartoony in #29, but here, it looked suitably grimy. Maybe it’s easier to serious when you don’t have to draw The Circus Of Crime?

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