Spaceman #3 (Beeniss, Beeniss, Beeniss Spoilers)

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Spaceman #3 (Beeniss, Beeniss, Beeniss Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:03 am

Just when I thought I was used to the future-slang, Azzarello chucks a load more at me! Gah! But the language barrier aside, this is shaping up to be a fantastic story, you’ve got the media satire going on in the present, with Orson having to protect the little girl, and then there’s the developing mystery in the past (Note, both the past and the present in this book are of course in our future, don’t get confused) which was made even more interesting in this issue by the revelation that there was gold on Mars and that Orson’s fellow Spaceman, Carter is a scary looking bounty hunter who is out to retrieve Tara for the criminal who wanted her kidnapped. Very interesting indeed, can’t wait to see what happens when Orson and Carter come face to face. Topped off with fantastic Risso art, and Spaceman is becoming a real treat, don’t be put off by the slang, it’s just window-dressing to a fantastic plot.


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