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Suicide Squad #23 (God of everything that is alive Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:32 pm

And so, Ales Kot’s glorious run on Suicide Squad comes to an untimely end. The fact that DC only gave the guy only 4 issues is a fucking crime. I’m dropping this title after this issue, nothing to do with Matt Kindt, who I like, but just because I liked these issues so much and I want to punish DC for their stupidity. What will I be replacing it with? Well, Kot’s new Image series, Zero.

This issue was probably the worst of Kot’s ‘run’, but it was still a lot of dark, twisted fun, albeit fun that felt very rushed. It’s revealed that the man behind the events of the last 3 issues is John Lynch, the old Wildstorm character, which is pretty cool I guess, I liked that guy in Sleeper. Lynch has some rivalry with Waller because of some other DC book (Team 7? I dunno) and as he tries to arm a Banana Republic somewhere, the Suicide Squad shut him down in a variety of entertaining ways. I kind of feel like Kot had this big, epic ‘Waller Vs Lynch’ story planned for a run that would last 20-30 issues, and when he saw he only had 4… he did it anyway. It feels rushed, as I said, but this issue was great.

The caption’s were hilarious, with Kot bringing a bit of a Fraction-esque sense of humour into DC, which is much needed, and the lame-ass superheroes the Squad dealt with were very funny (yes, Impetus). I continue to be surprised by how tolerable I find Kot’s Harley Quinn, and King Shark is just amazing. I also really liked how nonchalantly the Unknown Soldier was revealed to be there, I had almost forgotten about him! The narration from James Gordon Jnr was also very well-written, Kot’s take on this guy is brilliant, and it’s a crying shame we won’t get to see it all play out.

Also a shame is the fact that Patrick Zircher is not drawing this issue, his 3 issues of this title were some of the best work of his career, and whilst Rick Leonardi is a solid superhero artist, he doesn’t bring the same level of darkness and detail that Zircher did. Overall, this is just a shame, we’ll always have these 4 issues, but once again, DC have shot themselves in the foot. But there loss is Image’s gain, I’ll definitely be picking up Zero, and I really think Marvel should give Kot a chance on one of their books, maybe even Thunderbolts? I mean, it’s basically the same premise (or it was).

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