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Superboy #12 (Wow, a chugger Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:40 pm

So has Lobdell left this book then? Is it exclusively a DeFalco joint? If so, this could be a good thing, as this is the first issue in a while that a) continued on from where the last one left off and b) didn’t have an incomprehensible tie-in with Teen Titans. The story here is that, in order to feel more human, Superboy goes out on the town with his landlady, a Paris Hilton parody and her friends. The main thing of interest here is continuing to see Superboy act in strange and unexpected ways, he is not slipping into a secret identity or trying to hide who he is, and it’s interesting, what has set this book apart is Superboy’s unique alien perspective, and it’s fun to see him do things like drink alcohol and approach it in a completely detached way. Of course, it’s not all partying, there’s some kind of demonic threat which Superboy has to fight, and the way DeFalco and Rocha depicted this fight was actually pretty cool. So yeah, this was a decent issue, and I’m very much looking forward to #13 actually making sense as a continuation of this one. No more crossovers! What’s that, they’re doing a crossover with this book and Superman and Supergirl? FFS.

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