Supergirl #11 (All I really craved was Pizza Spoilers)

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Title: This guy, right?

Supergirl #11 (All I really craved was Pizza Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:34 pm

Another decent issue of Supergirl, there isn’t really that much to talk about when it comes to this book. It delivers solid, old-school super-heroics with strong artwork and not much else, which is no bad thing, you need old-school stuff to allow you to know when something is new-school. I did like the opening of this issue, with Supergirl flying all over the world, Green and Johnson are doing a very good job at making you really feel just how alien and alone Kara is right now. The villain, Nanotech was pretty cool, he used his powers in some interesting ways, and I’m rather torn on how this issue ended, I would have loved it if Kara had accidentally killed him, but I’m also glad this won’t be the last we see of him. Next issue will see Supergirl once again come face to face with Superman, should be good, that could be the kind of story where this book makes the jump from just existing to being exciting.


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