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Supergirl #2 (Baby Cousin Kal-El Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:54 am

A strong issue. I think what makes this book stand out is that Green and Johnson are doing an excellent job at really putting the reader inside Kara Zor-El’s head and getting how disorientating the experience must be across really well. Showing that to Supergirl Kal-El was just a baby 3 days ago and now he’s a full-grown man was really effective, I wouldn’t believe him either! This issue also featured some cool depictions of Kryptonian superpowers, I loved the page where Supergirl’s X-Ray vision went through every layer of Superman’s skin. Yes this issue was mainly a fight, but it was a good one, and Mahmud Asrar’s art was fantastic yet again, I think his version of Superman’s new costume is the best. I also like how this book is drip-feeding us details about the history and destruction of Krypton, and we get our first sighting of Kryptonite. This book is a slow burn, but it’s very enjoyable, and as I said, we’re really inside Supergirl’s head, and the character is coming alive.

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