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Supergirl #8 (What is that, Polish? Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:40 am

After showing up briefly last month, we get a real introduction to the new version of the Silver Banshee in this issue, and it’s a pretty good introduction, with the character being set up as not an enemy, but a friend to Supergirl. I liked how Green and Johnson drew a line between Siobhan’s status as an Irish Immigrant with Kara’s feelings of confusion and loneliness at being on Earth. Even though none of us are superpowered aliens, I think we can all sympathise with being somewhere new, separated from our families. I did feel that Siobhan’s phonetic ‘oirish’ accent was laid on a bit too thick though, all that ‘ye’ and ‘yer’ stuff. To be sure. George Perez’s art was what you’d expect from him, very detailed and very suitable for a fairly traditional superhero story, I love Asrar’s regular work on the title, but having a legend like Perez come and fill-in is a real coup for this series, hopefully his art will have put some more eyes on this book, because it deserves it, it’s a sleeper hit.

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