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Superior Spider-Man #8 (THE DIE IS CAST! Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:50 am

Just when you think Dan Slott is going to zig… he zags. This story all seemed to be leading up to the Avengers finding out that Doc Ock is inside Spider-Man and kicking him out. But nope! Their scans discover that nothing’s wrong and he gets off pretty much scot-free. He even gets a nice moment where he bonds with Black Widow (I found it interesting how Slott worked in the concept of ‘red in your ledger’ from the Avengers movie, that was a cool touch) in which she thinks Spider-Man’s new hard edge is because of Silver Sable’s death. Then, in the continuation of the Cardiac storyline, SpOck has his most heroic moment yet as he saves a little girl from brain damage he caused. It’s pretty damn clever how Slott went back to ‘Ends Of The Earth’ for the catalyst of this story, you really can see how almost everything he has done with Doctor Octopus has been part of a master plan.

The final twist in an issue that’s full of them is that, thanks to the Avengers’ scans, Otto is now aware of ‘Ghost Peter’! He talks to him and is now planning to remove him from his brain. Just when you think you’ve got a status quo… it’s gone. Superior Spider-Man really is a book that doesn’t let go and the sense of forward momentum is really great. In amongst all this, it looks like Carlie Cooper is closer than ever to finding out the truth, and who is the mysterious person she’s talking to on the phone? I’m guessing it’s that Cop who was the purple vigilante that pretended to be Jeann DeWolff, was it Wraith? I think the name was Wraith.

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