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Superman/Wonder Woman #6 (Gifts from the Gods Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:00 pm

This issue was probably the best example so far of how fun and interesting it is to push the seemingly disparate worlds of Superman and Wonder Woman together. In this issue, Zod and Faora are the main threats, but Wonder Woman’s current nemesis Apollo plays a large role too, and Charles Soule does an excellent job at showing why this romance has changed both heroes lives, but in this case, it’s made it more difficult.

Having made their escape, Zod and Faora are building a larger Phantom Zone portal to allow their reinforcements to come through to the physical world. Superman and Wonder Woman fly to Mt Etna to meet Hephaestus, but on the way, they have a rather fascinating conversation, where Superman asks Diana if it was a mistake for them to get together. Zod being free is his fault, and it’s endangered Wonder Woman, and on top of that, he’s finding it hard to concentrate on his own fight because he’s worrying about his girlfriend. Wonder Woman shuts this train of thought down, and says that, if she thought this relationship would compromise her ability to save the world… it would never have started. I’m sure there are some people who will call Superman out as sexist or whatever for not thinking that Wonder Woman can fight her own battles when she’s basically as strong as he is, but I think this is more to show how caring Clark Kent is as a person, that he can’t help but put those people he loves ahead of him, whether they are simple farmers or Amazonian princesses.

From Hephaestus, Supes and Wondy (I’m trying that out, not sure it’ll stick) pick up the armour they asked him to build to fight Doomsday, which they plan to use against Zod and Faora. This armour is kind of dumb-looking, but I did like how Hephaestus stuck an ‘S’ shield on Superman’s, gotta keep up that brand awareness. When the 2 power couples fight again, Zod and Faora surprisingly kick Superman and Wonder Woman’s butts. This is for 2 reasons, the first is that Apollo has secretly been using his control over the sun to make the villainous Kryptonians more powerful than they should be at this point, and the second is that Superman and Wonder Woman let themselves get pummelled. Their magical armour absorbs blows, and sends that energy back in a force-blast. They even hold hands to activate it, how cute.

Watching from Olympus, Apollo is pissed off at this, so he reveals himself by sending a beam of pure sunlight to recharge Zod and Faora, who, now more powerful than ever, quickly knock out the heroes and imprison them in a Nuclear Silo, which, as it’s lead-lined, will stop Superman from seeing what they are up to with the Phantom Zone portal. It turns out that Zod’s plan is to bring War-World through to help him conquer the Earth. We only saw War-World get trapped in the Phantom Zone last week in the Batman/Superman Annual, so I was surprised to see it back so soon, but I do like this development.

The issue ends with a desperation move from Superman and Wonder Woman, as they decide that the only way to escape is for Wonder Woman to use her magic sword to literally split on of the atomic atoms in the Nuclear Plant. Superman locates one, she splits it and… kaboom. The plant explodes and the last page is a pretty dead looking Supes and Wondy. Obviously they aren’t dead, but #7 is going to be interesting.

Tony Daniel’s clean, classic art continues to be a strong fit for this book, the action scenes are clear and exciting, and he contributes a lot to the epic scale of the story. The way this issue combined the threats of Apollo and Zod was very well-done, and it really demonstrated the positives this new status quo can bring. Without Superman going out with Wonder Woman, he wouldn’t have pissed Apollo off, and that wouldn’t have allowed Zod to win. These new combinations of characters is just that, new, something all too rare at DC these days.

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