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Sweet Tooth #35 (An unbelievable story Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:37 am

Holy crap, this issue was fantastic. We finally see Gus’ origin, and everything going on in the present gets tied back into the Taxidermist arc that Matt Kindt drew. Plus, it’s all told in a very interesting way, where Lemire once again experiments. It was a very effective technique to have Gus’ back-story happening silently on the top of the page and then on the bottom have Singh exploring the same places however many years later. There was some great symmetry where we saw a dead body in the same place years later as a skeleton. And then Singh finds Thacker’s diary, and we see that the Lab was built over that cave of spirits! Holy crap! The mythology behind this title is really rich, and it looks like Lemire is going to able to bring all of it together satisfactorily. I’m surprised it’s so mystical actually, I was expecting it to be scientific. But as always with Lemire, alongside the more outlandish stuff, there’s real humanity, the stuff with Gus’ dad and his wife and their miscarriage was really well-told, especially the black, blank page, that stuff will haunt you just as much as any hybrid monsters.

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