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The Grammar Police need to visit the Marvel Editing Departme

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Postby OldCurmudgeon » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:38 pm

Seriously, don't these guys have proofreaders? And I guess it's not just Marvel, but book publishers as well that drive me crazy with this stuff. All it would take is for someone to actually READ the damn book before it's sent to the printers.

What set me off was today's All-New Invaders #2. On the eighth page of story, Winter Soldier finishes a sentence started on the previous page with: "...they're final target is Jim Hammond, The Human Torch." Obviously, their autocorrect added a they're instead of a their, it's just irritating to read.

What irritates me the most is that I lecture at the local university on the merits of using comics to teach reluctant readers. Without the correct use of grammar, kids who use comics as a reading aid, will end up using 'u' instead of 'you', 'ur' instead of 'your' or 'you are', etc. Then the world collapses into anarchy! Anarchy I tell u! Gah! They've even got me doing it now!

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