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The History of Dwarves-The Short Version: Skullkickers #26!

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:03 pm

The History of Dwarves-The Short Version: Skullkickers #26!

Tree Trunk Dwarves and Corn Dwarves.

Continuing the arc, A Dozen Cousins and A Crumpled Crown, Image Comics releases Skullkickers #26, with the creative team of Jim Zub, Edwin Huang, Kevin Raganit, Misty Coats and Ross A. Campbell. The cover by James Ghio is of the guardian of Dwarven superiority and strength, The Wartyke.
Rolf Copperhead, the short one, is about to executed for impersonation of Rolf Copperhead, the tall one, in the Dwarven city of Dwayre, while the rest of his adventuring party have to figure out a way to rescue him. In a hilarious twist, instead of having Rolf’s life flash before his eyes, we’re shown The History of Dwarves: The Short Version.
Jim Zub goes in an amusing direction here in classic Skullkickers fashion turning the issue on its head and opting to diverge from the main story to dive into Dwarf history instead. The dueling narratives throughout the history and the brief look into Tree Trunk Dwarves and Corn Dwarves keep the humor flying.
Edwin Huang and Kevin Raganit’s flash of Tree Trunk and Corn Dwarves is both rugged and adorable. The title page of The History of Dwarves is everything you could want in Dwarf imagery, including drinking, violence and smithing. The Crucible or “Lava Hole,” is surrounded by Dwarven runes, and the colors by Misty Coats and Ross A. Campbell really make it jump off the page in comparison to the caves it inhabits. 
I really like the direction the creative team took, taking a fun detour for an issue. What could be mistaken as a filler issue is a humorous glimpse into Dwarf history. The scenes with a young Rolf are adorable, and I’m not sure how adult Rolf can get out of this one!

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura


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