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The Shade #9 (As per Spoilers)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:54 am

The final act of Shade’s adventure begins, and he’s back in good old London town for a confrontation with another one of his pesky descendants. There’s lots of interesting stuff going on here, including what I think is the DCU’s first romany gypsy superhero, Silverfin. I like how Robinson has used this mini-series to give the DCU back it’s global feel with a bunch of new characters, and Silverfin is another good addition, albeit one that’s a bit stereotypical and one that suffers from an incomprehensible accent. I’m not sure what Shade was up to with killing that villain, it was mentioned that he was the last of 5, is he doing the same thing that the Inquisitor did in Barcelona? The main threat here though is Lord Caldecott who seems like an all-round bad dude, he’s a member of a secret society who are fucking up the world, he sacrifices people on weird altars, and he’s in control of some freaky Egyptian Gods. Shade has his work cut out here. Frazer Irving takes over on art duties with this issue, and he does his usual excellent job, his computer-generated art is pretty perfect for this character, and the whole issue was very interesting visually, he’s an artist that’s a bit of an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, he’s brilliant.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:20 pm

I loved the one way conversation Shade had with his descendant, Lord Caldecott after he found him. "Oh, ninjas, I suppose I should applaud you keeping up with the times in that regard at least," was such a great line. Shade taking on some ancient Egyptian gods should be a fun way to end this series I think.

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