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The Ultimates #14 (Dirty Harry Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:08 am

Divided Be Fall continues to be one strange event. There’s a lot going on and Humphries doesn’t really pause to let us process it. I will say that I enjoyed the central setpiece fight, with the Ultimates fighting the terrorists in Texas, but the rest of it… what the? I thought we were worried about Texas, not the West Coast? What is this Morez guy’s plan? And who is he? Those guys had what looked like Asgardian gold, so my theory at the moment is that he is Thor’s son who got sucked into that tree during Hickman’s run. Although why does he have red and blue eyes? Is it some kind of commentary on red states on blue states? On America’s political divide? If so… oy vey, oy vey indeed. The art was once again a bit of a mess, Billy Tan and Tim Green do not really have similar styles, and Green’s pages in particular seemed very rushed compared to the work he’s done on titles like Annihilation: Conquest – Star-Lord and Avengers Academy. This title really is confusing me at the moment, one page will have me rolling my eyes, and the next will be really cool, what’s the deal?

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