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The Ultimates #13 (Up here fax machine Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:22 am

He’s back bitches! Ultimate Captain America is back and he’s still a bad-ass dick. I’m still not entirely sold on this crossover event, but this issue was a good one, Sam Humphries seems to be getting to grips with these characters very well, he particularly nails the tone of who Ultimate Iron Man is in this issue. I also liked that he’s returned to the new US President as a character, it’s interesting to get a story from the perspective of the supposedly most powerful man in the world, especially when he doesn’t have as much power as he should have. But the real fun here was to be had with the return of Cap and the way he fought those anti-mutant militiamen. Humphries’ take on the character isn’t quite as much of a dick as Millar’s, but he did a good job at getting how he’s not quite the boy-scout the Marvel Universe version is, I particularly liked how unimpressed he was by these punk kids. So now The Ultimates are back, but what threat are they going to have to face? Who is this Morez dude? He has one eye and one red eye… it’s not ringing any bells for me, unless it’s a reference to the version of Stryker from the X-Men 2 movie. Billy Tan’s art was OK, I run hot and cold with him, in this issue it worked, but I can foresee him getting rushed and the next issue looking terrible. We shall see.

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