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The Unwritten #37 (Didgeridoo Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat May 26, 2012 12:00 pm

It feels like The Unwritten is really into act two now, a lot has changed between this issue and #35, and even though Tommy doesn’t even appear, this issue still gripped me. The main focus here was on the ‘Church Of Tommy’, and the Police Investigation around them and various mysterious disappearances. The new detective character is interesting. I wonder what her disability is? I’m guessing she can’t read or something like that, they did mention that she needed things recorded, but she didn’t seem to be blind. And of course, being unable to read books and be effected by stories could be a very useful skill in this book. The scenes set in the church were very creepy, how the hell did that happen? I liked seeing Danny from #35.5 show up again so soon, it looks like he has a major part to play in what’s coming. In many ways this felt like a new beginning for this title, new characters, new setting, and with the events of the previous 36 (plus various .5s) issues hanging around in the background, waiting to be fully explained, has Tommy killing Leviathan really caused the destruction of the world? The death of story? Who knows, there are too many questions.

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