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The Unwritten #34 (Think I pressed the wrong... Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:50 am

Another eventful issue of The Unwritten, and one that demonstrates the true epic scope of what Carey and Gross are doing. I loved seeing Tom gouge that Cabal guy’s eye out, it was a great moment, and although you could probably see it coming, it still had impact. I also really liked Richie going full-on Vampire to take out the Cabal writers who were robbing Tom of his powers, it’s interesting how his vampirism seems to have improved his life, rather than hindered it. But I guess that may change. I was slightly annoyed by Carey once again dancing around finally revealing some answers with the Cabal not actually really knowing what they are doing. It’s all getting a bit too much like LOST, where The Others were just as clueless to the true scope of things as the survivors of the Plane Crash. But the ending where the Sibyl sent Tom crashing into the pit and face to face with Pullman… that was good, and holds promise that perhaps next issue will have some answers. But is that hoping for too much?

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