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The Unwritten #32.5 (Why always the right hand? Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:01 am

These ‘.5’ issues have been good so far, but they’ve done less revealing of secrets than I expected, Carey is still dancing around the edges of the truth, and this issue in particular clouds the issue of who Pullman is even more than before. I had thought that he was the Huntsman from Snow White before, but now… is he Adam? I dunno. This issue takes us back to the very beginning of the written word, and some of the earliest stories of Gilgamesh as he hunts down a creature that’s been at the secret heart of this series so far, Leviathan. I think it’s clear that Utnapishtim is Pullman, I had suspected it, but when he lost his hand it became obvious, and the story he tells is not about the real world and the spirit world, but about the world of stories. Dean Ormston’s art fit well with Gross’ layouts, and they combined to make something almost like Chris Samnee. This issue may have raised more questions than it answered, but it was still excellent and is yet more evidence that The Unwritten has the deepest backstory of almost any comic out there.

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