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The Wake #4 (Saeftinghe Spoilers)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:07 am

It’s been quite some time since the last issue of The Wake, so I have to admit that for the first half of this issue, I was a little bit lost as to which character was which, and like ‘wait, which character just died?’ and ‘huh? He’s gay?’ but by the end of it, I was attuned to what has become a really effective horror comic.

Yes, this series does have some weird, epic mythology, but as an immediate read, it’s a genuinely scary survival horror, and this issue was basically a Zombie movie underwater. Scott Snyder even invites the comparison himself, so you know it makes sense.

After another very weird prologue, this time involving a bunch of caveman being blasted by some kind of space-cannon (man, these framing stories are so mental), we basically get one long chase sequence, with Dr Archer and the rest of the crew attempting to escape from the underwater base and not get eaten by the weird fish-guy. Actually, that should be guys, plural, because now there’s a whole pack of them on the attack. I wonder what the collective noun for these creatures is? It can’t be a school. As I said, a lot of the characters are kind of running together for me here, but one of them is standing out, just like in #3, and that’s Meeks, who is just a stone-cold, crazy bad-ass, I love it.

After one of the characters delivers another retelling of a strange myth (At times, I feel Snyder is relying on this a bit too much, but I suppose it all plays in to the story), our heroes come up with a plan, to use the massive hydraulic drill to create enough noise to blow up the creatures brains. They try to do it, and it looks like it’s working, until the drill starts falling apart, have they used it too much? Nope, it’s only a GIANT VERSION OF THE CREATURE! Aaargh, holy crap, now that’s a great ending, Snyder is doing really well at escalating the scale of his main story with each issue, and since, thanks to the framing device, we know the scale can get even bigger, I’m even more excited to see where this goes.

Sean Murphy’s art was, as usual, fucking amazing, the amount of detail that goes in to his depictions of the Rig and the various structures there is mind-blowing and the colours from Matt Hollingswort also really add to the proceedings. This is just a great comic, and with art this good, I am willing to wait a little longer for each instalment.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:45 pm

I was glad to see that Meeks survived last issue's slaughter. He's a fun character that I'm glad to still see in this story. About the prologues and epilogues, I'd like to see just how they fit into the overall story soon. So far the scene with the Aquatic Apes hunting on the shores of the ocean is the only one we have any context for. The story has established that Humans and the Monkey Fish (still not great, but a better name than Raindrops, and one I think I can live with) both evolved from the Aquatic Apes.

I do like that Snyder is using interesting stories out of real life to enhance the story, Saeftinghe this issue and the 52 hurtz whale last issue. It's always interesting to see things like this wrapped up into a new story like Snyder is doing here. I makes me wonder if there are any others thing like those two that I may have missed in the other issues.

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