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Thor: God Of Thunder #16 (Go back to Williamsburg Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:15 pm

‘The Accursed’ really is growing into a very interesting story, and this issue in particular really surprised me with how far Jason Aaron was willing to go with Thor as a character, and how dark his actions were here. Now, the end of this issue would seem to reveal that Thor wasn’t really in control of those actions, but still, it was shocking stuff indeed.

The story picks up in the aftermath of Oggy’s death, and the revelation that the Frost Giants have sided with Malekith. Thor is of course, fucking furious, and once to attack, but the rest of the League Of Realms hold him back, as, if Thor were to attack a Frost Giant, it would mean starting a war that could destroy all of the Nine Realms. Malekith is able to escape, and after using some lightning to dig a grave for Oggy (which was awesome, a great use of Thor’s powers), the League continue in their quest, which now takes them to Vanaheim. There, they find yet more dead Dark Elves, but in a cool twist, these elves weren’t killed by Malekith, nope, they are two tribes that killed each other, driven to mistrust by Malekith’s actions. This really serves to increase Malekith’s evil, he’s not just killing a shit-ton of people himself, but he’s causing way more harm indirectly.

The League realise that Malekith has been ahead of them every step of the way, and that this means there is a traitor in their midst. Everyone except for Thor points the finger at Warizia, which I suppose makes some sense, she is a Dark Elf after all, but she vociferously denies it. Thor however, has other ideas about who the mole is, and he thinks it is Ud, the Troll. He has Warizia truss him up with magic, and, despite the protestations of Honeyshot and the Dwarf, he kills Ud, smashing his head in with Mjolnir. After avoiding starting a war with the Frost Giants at the start of this issue, Thor has now just gone and started a war with the Trolls. So what the hell’s up with him? Hmmm…

Thor decides to disband the League Of Realms, and he and Warizia head off on their own to Midgard, where, in the back of a New York City butcher shop, we discover that Thor has put the Dark Elf High Council, in order to get them to put their tribal differences aside, and come together to stop Malekith. Of course, Dark Elves don’t solve their differences through talking, they fight, and Thor interrupts this, which might cause even more trouble. Malekith soon shows up at the butcher shop, which causes Warizia to believe that Thor betrayed her, and for her to blast him with some magic, which causes some kind of weird worm to burst out of Thor’s mouth. It’ll be interesting to see what this worm was doing to Thor, was it just allowing Malekith to know what he was up to, or was it controlling him and making him kill Ud and break up the League? I almost think it would be more interesting to make Thor have done that himself, to make him a really flawed protagonist.

Ron Garney’s art continues to be excellent, and he is joined this issue by Emanuela Lupacchino, who draws the segments set on Midgard, her style is pretty similar to Garney’s anyway, but I think it was cool how the colours from Ive Svorcina really kept things looking unified.

For an issue that got pretty dark when Thor killed Ud, Aaron still provided plenty of humour, particular when the story moved to Midgard, I think that kind of thing is necessary, and it’s that added dose of levity that has made me a fan of Thor after many years of not really being bothered, both in the comics and the films. I’m excited for the final chapter of this story, and to see where Aaron is taking all of this, will we get a war with the Trolls? I would like to see that.

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