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Thor: God Of Thunder #10 (One eye down Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:08 am

After #9 ended with all of the Thors defeated and Gorr triumphant, #10 shows us that the Thors weren’t really defeated, and they fight back. Only to be defeated again and for Gorr to be triumphant again. If this comic were any less awesome I’d complain about it spinning it’s wheels. But make no mistake, this was pretty awesome.

It’s no surprise by now that Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are capable of bringing the thunder (literally) in their action scenes, and the one in this issue may be the best yet. The narration was once again a delight, the dialogue was perfect, and come on, we got to see Thor wielding two Mjolnirs at once, which is seriously, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

This issue also confronted head-on a story with Gorr that up until now, it’s only hinted at. In his desperate quest to kill all of the Gods, Gorr himself has become a God. This much was obvious to the reader, but now we see it right in the text as Gorr’s wife declares him to be her God. So what does Gorr do? He kills her, which wasn’t a surprise, but was still somewhat shocking. Because of this, Gorr’s son turns on him and saves one of the Thors, which is ultimately Gorr’s undoing. I guess? The ending wasn’t clear, the Godbomb has been set off, but was Thor’s repeated smashings of it with both hammers enough to stop it? I can’t wait for #11 to find out. I also found the ending narration from Thor to be very interesting, what if Gorr is correct? What if people would be better off without Gods? It’s a shame this idea has come right at the end of this story, because it’s a good one to think on.

What else? I mentioned Ribic’s art briefly, but I want to give him some more props, he and colourist Ive Svorcina are amazing on this series, it’s not superhero art, it’s fantasy art, and it just works perfectly. Oh yeah, and Thor’s daughters are hilarious, how about a spin-off mini-series?

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