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Thrillbent Website Gets Overhaul, Embeddable Comics

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Postby LOLtron » Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:47 pm

Thrillbent Website Gets Overhaul, Embeddable Comics

Onward into the digital age with Mark Waid's Thrillbent!

Source: Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool gets a lot of crap from pompous, self-righteous "journalists" who act like reporting on the happenings of a children's picture book industry whose professionals act more immature than its emotionally stunted fanbase is some kind of sacred institution, but when it comes to being brutally honest about comics industry news, no one does it better than Rich Johnston and his band of merry men. I mean, sure, Johnston's main purpose in writing articles seems to be to congratulate himself for being right about some article he wrote months earlier, but if you compare that to, say, CBR's officially sanctioned Marvel and DC promotional articles, we'll take Bleeding Cool's patented self-aggrandizing circle-jerk any day of the week. In any case, we like to think of Johnston like our dorky, less handsome big brother, and only we're allowed to pick on him.

Today, Johnston published an article by Swedish porn star Peter S. Svensson today which talks about Mark Waid's Thrillbent, a free, online alternative to the stagnant, corporate chapbooks produced by the big two publishers. The big news - Thrillbent's website is getting an overhaul aimed at making the comics easier to read and making it easier to discover and navigate the comics featured on the site. In addition, Thrillbent's comic reader will now be embeddable, you know, like a YouTube video, allowing fan and journalists to embed the comics directly into posts and articles. This comes on top of Thrillbent's already progressive stance of providing their comics in cbz and pdf form, and seeding said comics on bit torrent. Finally, they will be opening up their platform to allow other creators to migrate webcomics to Thrillbent.

BC also has the skinny on five new titles debuting on Thrillbent: Last Vegas by Eric Heisserer and Clay Kronke, The Incapeables by Kevin Levy and Nate Watson, The Eighth Seal by James Tynion IV and Jeremy Rock, The Endling by J.T. Larsen and Cecilia Latella, and Working For Monday by Lori Matsumoto and Ben Dewey.

With Thrillbent, Monkeybrain, and Madefire taking the digital comics world by storm, and progressive publishers like Dark Horse leading the charge in bringing print comics to digital, will there be any need to read the outdated paper comics produced by Disney and Warner Bros.? Soon enough, there may not be, or, at the very least, they may be forced to stop treating their customers like criminals and offer digital comics DRM-free at fair prices.

Head over to Bleeding Cool for all the details on the comics above and a thoughtful commentary on Thrillbent's revolutionary business model. But don't stay too long. We need you back here in ten to read more of our own thought-provoking articles.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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