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Toy Shed: General Grievous

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:31 am

ImageThis review from Zechs will have some grievous details on the newest General Grievous figure from Star Wars.  

I love cyborgs. I love them to death. So back in the summer of ‘08, I learned that Hasbro was releasing a new General Grievous part of the build-a-droid figures (think Marvel/DC’s BaF’s but on a smaller scale) that was until I saw that one was a perfect rendition of the Separatist Droid General. I am still waiting for that figure except Hasbro just released another figure that isn’t actually a droid that you have to buy other figures to assemble. Nope, this Grievous is far different.

In fact I have to say this is the best figure of General Grievous thus far. Yes, there are problems with the figure. So the bad news first, before my love fest. He only has three weapons for his four hands and two of those are lightsabers and one blaster (unlike say the first Grievous figure which had Four lightsabers or in future releases four plus said blaster).But, if you’re a collector of Star Wars figures such a problem can be easily solved (like in my case).

The other problem of this figure is the four arms themselves. They can barely hold a lightsaber. So if you’re getting this for your kid, he might be a little annoyed when playing with the General that he can’t hold a lightsaber. However those just using him for a statue on a desk well then you won’t care for this.

And now come’s the love fest aka the positives with this figure. I’ll start off with the fact that this is the largest Star Wars figure I’ve ever seen. Putting him next to the previous versions you see a difference as this version truly looms over the rest of my collection (as seen below).

ImageThe second thing that come’s to mind is that Hasbro finally made a Grievous figure with attachable and detachable limbs. Meaning you get the two and four armed versions of him. Both modes’ arms are pretty extendable and can do numerous poses. If the only problem is that his fingers sometimes never fully close.

Which leads me to the final bit, the posablity. Again Hasbro outdid themselves with this figure cause he so outclasses previous figures by being THE most posable. However, be forewarned when looking for this figure. Number one, he’s very hard to find and number two there are some painting errors I noticed on some of them I found before they disappeared (there’s like some black guck on his face plate).

So what’s the final review? What do I give this General Grievous figure? Of course I have to say MUST BUY. Even if you do get a marked up figure, he still rules.

General Grievous: MUST BUY!

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