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Two Generations Of British Writers Line-Up To Apologize To Margaret Thatcher’s Corpse

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:18 pm

Two Generations Of British Writers Line-Up To Apologize To Margaret Thatcher’s Corpse

No one wants to be the last to say, “I’m sorry” for fear of being rounded up

Source: RU is really bored

Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, died this morning at the age of 87. Almost immediately big names from the 1980 – 1990s British comic book scene began releasing apologetic press releases. First, based on sonority, legacy, and level of wizardry mastered, was Watchmen’s Alan Moore:

I am deeply ashamed that I used the entire introduction to V For Vendetta as a tool to insult this great lady. Even worse is the thought that people could have interpreted the work itself as some sort of commentary on Ms. Thatcher’s politics.

Moore’s statement would go on for twelve pages and became increasingly embarrassing and less relevant at it went on with the above quote being the most coherent aspect of the document.

This outpouring of post-mortem support might strike some people as odd but is actually the normal reaction to a famous person’s death, no matter how reviled they were in life. Jamie Delano, whose initial run on DC Comics’ Hellblazer might possibly bee seen as a treatise against the policies of the Iron Lady’s political parties, had this too say when asked about he published his self condemnation on his blog:

To all those criticizing Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, and myself for what some are seeing as backtracking on “a life time of insults” I wish to point to the United States’ mourning of former President, Ronald Regan.

Mr. Delano has a point. After Regan’s death in 2004 and the subsequent “Suck Ronald Regan’s Dick” month that followed where flags were ordered to half mast for a full 30 days, three weeks longer than the country mourned the 9/11 terrorist attacks, opponents on both sides of the political spectrum spent the next nine plus years fellating the memory of the former President. Liberals forgot how he handled AIDS and that he declared ketchup to be a vegetable, whereas Conservatives dismiss the idea that he was soft on immigration and kept his religion private (by today’s standards.) Instead both parties try to run the most “Reaganesque” candidate they can even though Regan himself couldn’t be elected in the current political climate.

"Americans are going to have permanent indentations on their knees," Delano concluded.

After Moore and Delano The Outhouse’s email account was bombarded with other English comic book creators hoping to jump on the “We Love Thatcher” bandwagon:

  • “Who could dislike the first female Prime Minister? That would mean they hate women.” ~Warren Ellis
  • “Thatcher was the best friend the homosexual community ever had.” ~Grant Morrison
  • “There are people who think that Watchmen was an allegory against Thatcher, Regan, and Nixon and I am here to set the record straight. Alan [Moore] and I never had any intention of criticizing the Conservative Party or their allies in the States. I loved and respected Ms. Thatcher and mourn her passing.” ~Dave Gibbons

We here at The Outhouse, the number one news site for all things apologetic, would like to add our voices to the chorus of people apologizing to The Iron Lady; we are very sorry that it us this long to write an article with her as the focus.

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