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Ultimate Spider-Man #6 (Don't speak Mexican Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:00 pm

Another great issue of USM, but that’s no surprise, the book has been excellent for a decade now, and even a change of protagonist hasn’t stopped that. Chris Samnee steps in on art duties in this issue and does a great job, he did an issue just before Peter Parker died and brought the same style here, blocky and detailed, but also nice and cartoony, perfect for the conversational style of Bendis. We get to see Miles take on a mugger, and get the first signs that the police aren’t going to be as supportive of him as they were to Peter towards the end. I really liked the conversation between Miles and his mother about his dad’s criminal past. Miles’ whole family set-up has been written wonderfully by Bendis, you can feel the love between them just as well as you could the love between Peter and Aunt May and such bonds are becoming one of Bendis’ biggest strengths. Ganke was awesome as usual, and the idea of bringing in the bootleg Spider-Man movie is a cool one. Uncle Aaron AKA The Prowler’s adventures in Mexico were fun too, I’m glad he’s still a part of the book.

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