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Ultimate Spider-Man #13 (Is this a real theeng? Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:35 am

Pay no heed to the big ‘Divided We Fall’ banner on the cover, the impact of the crossover is negligible really, Bendis is still telling his own story, and what a story it is. Miles spends most of the issue dealing with the aftermath of his fight with Uncle Aaron, and how he kinda killed him. I just love this twist on the Peter/Uncle Ben relationship, it’s similar in just enough ways to make the differences really sting, and even though Aaron was a bad dude when compared to Ben, Miles was a lot more culpable. It’s deep stuff. And of course, Miles’ already anti-Superhero dad blames Spider-Man, which adds even more grist for the dramatic mill. I must admit, I was fooled by the phone call twist, I assumed it was Captain America (who is still back bitches), but no, it was Aunt May and Gwen. I’m assuming that inside the box that May was about to give Miles is a pair of web-shooters, it’s mainly because the cover to #14 shows him with webs, but also because it’s a fitting passing of the torch kind of thing. The fight between Spider-Man and Batroc was a lot of fun, he’s such a goofy character, but the Ultimate Version is actually a little less goofy, he was actually going to shoot one of his own henchmen! This title continues to be an excellent read, and I’m already hooked into not only the main story with Miles, but also with a couple of subplots, like what’s going on with Judge, how long before he finds out about Miles’ secret, and what’s going to happen to him? David Marquez’s art is also fantastic, it’s just a great comic, and more books should be like it, taking old concepts and really revitalising them, not just a little changes.

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