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Uncanny X-Force #28 (Killer flashback sequence Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:20 am

This book once again does the exact opposite of what you’d expect, instead of picking up on last issue’s shocking revelation about Daken and the conflict with the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, we are instead whisked off to yet another dystopian X-Future for fun and games with Deathlok and a totalitarian state. I thought it was cool how this future took the modus operandi behind X-Force, which is pre-emptively stopping threats to world, and extrapolated it out to a full-on Minority Report world where Psylocke uses her telepathy to send a squad to kill someone as soon as they think about maybe kinda murdering someone. I’m pretty much a sucker for alterna-futures and this was a decent one. Remender of course makes sure not to forget his characters, so we get cool scenes between Psylocke and EVA, and also Nightcrawler and Deadpool. I continue to impressed at how much more depth Deadpool has in this title than he does anywhere else, I don’t know how he does it. I also liked that Nightcrawler seemed to be opening up a little. The new artist, Julian Totino Tedesco, is a new name to me, but I liked his work, it kept the look that Jerome Opena has established for the title, but with some more expressive elements to it, a bit of Eric Canete perhaps? The ending in this issue was another in a long line of good UXF cliffhangers, Psylocke kills herself to prevent this future… will it work? And even if it does, what about the Brotherhood? What about Kid Apocalypse?

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