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Uncanny X-Men #7 (Crikey that is nuts Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:31 pm

Cyclops and his team of X-Men continue to have problems with Dormammu in this issue, but the most interesting aspect of this book is what happens with Magik, and how awesomely Frazer Irving illustrates it. We start off with Magik meeting up with Doctor Strange for magical help, and the main meat of the story is in flashback. Dormammu is kicking everyone’s ass, the adult X-Men’s powers aren’t working, and the new X-Men are green as shit so can’t do anything. One of them dies for god’s sake!

To solve this problem, Illyana sucks the entire Limbo dimension inside of her body, in a fantastic moment. I love how the double page spread afterwards is pretty much entirely black, but you can just about see a Magik-shaped outline in there. I think only an artist like Irving, who uses colour so effectively could pull that off. Although I’m sure there are some fans who are pissed off that Marvel wasted a page. I thought it was very effective personally.

The fall out from this fight is very interesting, Dormammu is gone, but what does this mean for Magik? I’ve never been very interested in her as a character, probably because she was dead when I started reading X-Men and her resurrection happened in a book I didn’t read, but now I am interested in her. I like the idea that she can time-travel now, and that the Doctor Strange she meets is one from the past.

Also very interesting is that Christopher, the new Mutant healer, can apparently use his powers to bring people back from the dead, which is a cool wrinkle, but will there be a cost, a la Layla Miller? Overall, this was another strong issue of Uncanny, I’m not enjoying it as much as All-New, but it’s very good. My only real complaint would be that we didn’t get any follow-up on the glorious Dazzler: Agent Of SHIELD, but I suppose I can wait for that.

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