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Uncanny #4 (One for the road Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:06 pm

One of the biggest things that sets Andy Diggle apart for me as a great writer, is the way he does big action scenes. He does some of the best action set-pieces around, if you read The Losers, or Six Guns or Silent Dragon, there’s stuff in there that’s better than any Hollywood movie (and I include the pretty bad Losers movie in that). This issue of Uncanny is pretty much entirely devoted to Weaver and Maggie pulling off a heist, and it is just fucking great, although that may be because I’ve spent the last 3 weeks immersed in GTA V and this issue reminded me of that. But I reckon even if I hadn’t played GTA, I’d still have loved this.

We begin with perhaps the best demonstration yet of Weaver’s powers. He’s back in New York, and waiting for a fellow criminal who he pretends he wants to hire to be his wheelman for the heist. Just as the guy is about to accept, he places his hand on the money, allowing Weaver to touch him, steal his awesome driving skills (I imagine he can slow down time like Franklin in GTA V, shit, I need to stop referencing) and knock him out. I loved that moment, and it showed how Diggle is thinking outside of the box here, and really using superpowers to enhance his crime story.

After this we get an awesome, extended chase and action sequence through the City, as Weaver, driving a Garbage Truck, tries to take out the car carrying their target, that guy with a briefcase full of secrets about everyone with powers and how to give people powers. It’s a thrilling sequence, with Diggle largely allowing Aaron Campbell to tell it, and it’s great. I said that Diggle does great action sequences, but a lot of that is really down to the artist, and Campbell does his best work so far here. I think I’ve said this before, but when you’ve got a Sean Phillips cover, and the interiors are just as good, you know you’re onto a winner.

At the same time as Maggie and Weaver are trying to chase this car, the mysterious Deacon Styles is also running into trouble, as his skyscraper is attacked by some black helicopters. This leads to the discovery that Styles has a power, he seems to be able to kill people with his mind, and he does this to Helicopter pilot, causing a massive fucking crash, that’s once again, very well paced and drawn. In the end, Diggle throws another twist at us, with Weaver and Maggie succeeding in getting to the car, but it’s empty! They’ve been set up, and are immediately attacked by some SWAT goons. It’s a great ending, and it was pretty obvious that Styles wasn’t telling the truth.

I’m really enjoying this series, I really urge everyone to check out the trade, you won’t be disappointed, this is a crime comic with a really cool sci-fi edge, and it’s doing a better job than most genre mash ‘em ups and melding the two worlds.

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