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Postby Punchy » Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:39 pm

Andy Diggle’s crime thriller with a superpowered edge continues to be an exciting, fast-paced read. Seriously, Diggle does not let up with the pace of this story, it’s reminding me of The Losers at it’s best with this relentlessness.

Weaver is on the run from Lee, and his being helped by the mysterious Maggie. But Weaver being Weaver, he doesn’t want help, so he loses Maggie, and runs straight into trouble. As I said, this issue was a propulsive reading experience, and I enjoyed it hugely. After only 2 issues, I’m invested, not only in who Weaver is, but on the mystery behind his powers too. The central scene here is a great action bit, where Weaver and Maggie get into a shoot-out in a forger’s base (this is after Weaver leaves Maggie and gets caught again by Lee, and she saves him, a lot happens here), and this was a very brutal, cool sequence. I was particularly intrigued by the ending, as Maggie gets shot through the lung, and somehow survives. It looks like she has some kind of healing factor, so that means that Weaver is not the only superhuman individual in this world. I wonder who it is that Maggie is working for, and what the greater story is here?

This is a pretty unique book, and one I’m enjoying. As much as I would have enjoyed Diggle on Action Comics, he’s infinitely better suited to darker, more realistic stories like this. Aaron Campbell once again impressed me with his art, it’s dark and gritty, just like the story. When a crime comic has a Sean Phillips cover, it sets a high bar for the interior, and Campbell reaches it. This is an exciting new book, if you’re looking for something a little different in your superhero stories, check it out, because it’s barely even a superhero story. It’s a crime book but with mysterious abilities.

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