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Venom #25 (Into the deep end Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:55 am

Cullen Bunn wraps up his first arc on Venom, and it was once again very very good. Flash defeats Daimon Hellstrom and the Monsters Of Evil, but the story is not over, and what’s coming up looks hella exciting. Get it, hella? Like Hell? Because this arc was about Hell! Come on! Anyways, yeah, the plotline Bunn sets up here, with there about to be a battle between Demons for the true throne of Hell is interesting and it provides a very good explanation for why Hellstrom turned evil and a good motivation for him going forward. Let’s just hope it turns out better than that mini-series DC did about Hell, that was a mess. Elsewhere… the relationship between Flash and Katy Kiernan is developing nicely, and I felt like this was the issue that Bunn really nailed Flash’s character and inner turmoil as well as Remender had, with him desperately trying to find a happy memory and the stuff with his dad. That’s the core of this book really, how fucked up Flash is, so it was good to see that Bunn has a handle on that in amongst all of the demons and stuff. So it looks like the story up next is a crossover with Scarlet Spider, has that book been any good? It’s pretty much the only Spider-related title I don’t read. But hey, any story with Venom and Carnage in it has to be good, right?

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