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Wolverine #301 (Canadian? That's even worse Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:15 am

After the explosive #300, this issue doesn’t let up the pace for a minute. Everbody is Kung-Fu fighting. Literally. There’s Ninjas, there’s Yakuza, there’s Sabretooth, there’s Silver Samurai, and of course there’s Wolverine. At times it’s hard to keep track of all the different motivations, but it doesn’t really matter, because Aaron makes sure to keep the story grounded in the human emotions, such as Wolverine’s love for Amiko, and his hatred for Creed. This issue used multiple artists, and although Billy Tan and Steve Sanders have very different styles, they both contribute to the story and make it work, I actually think this issue was probably Tan’s best work ever. I really loved the conceit of the Ninja going undercover as a coma patient, Aaron is really great at coming up with stuff like that, it’s over the top, but not too over the top as to be ridiculous. And then they have a battle to the death… in the mind. Awesome. The last page was an odd one, are the Mind Ninjas new? They certainly look weird enough. You can just tell that Aaron is having the time of his life on this final story arc, and it translates to an exhilarating Wolverine comic.

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