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Wolverine #302 (I'm going berserk Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:58 am

This arc of Wolverine is just kicking ass, what a brilliant way for Jason Aaron to bow out. Even though it was obvious that Wolverin’s re-appearance in Hell was just a manipulation thanks to the mind-ninjas, those scenes were still very very effective. I especially liked the return of all of Logan’s dead kids. I know that twist has been controversial, but I loved it, and continue to do so. I still can’t believe that Marvel let Aaron do that. I also liked how this issue moved on to other characters beyond Wolverine and gave us an insight into the minds of both Yukio and Amiko, who both kicked a lot of butts here. I wonder what Mystique was up to when she fucked Wolverine there? Does she want a little Logan-baby? It’s always awesome to see a Berserker Wolverine, and this occasion didn’t disappoint. In terms of artwork, I’m getting used to it now, Sanders and Tan have very different styles but they both work for this story. Next week is the return of Lord Deathstrike, who if I remember rightly was pretty damn cool in his first appearance. Exciting.

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