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Wolverine & The X-Men #33 (Eat snot until you die Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:18 pm

The Hellfire Saga continues to kick ass in all sorts of ways. I’m really enjoying how much this story is focused on the kid characters, and how the adult X-Men are barely a factor yet. Wolverine is hardly in this issue at all, and when he is, he doesn’t say much.

Nope, the focus here is on the awesome Idie and Quentin (and I suppose Toad as well, which is welcome). I was a bit weirded out about seeing a character who’s supposed to be 14 in Hellfire Club bondage gear, but hey, this is the X-Men, it’s got a rich history of weird bondage stuff, and she’s only a character. But still odd. I’m guessing that Idie ended up not killing Kade Kilgore, which makes sense, this whole issue was narrated by her, and about how she decided not to kill, but to love. For a character who’s personality from the start has been that she thinks she’s a monster, this is some very interesting development. I hope this will allow her to move past the whole ‘monster’ thing, because it is getting a little tired. And when you think about it, her killing people back in Schism is what led to the Jean Grey School, so it’s the ultimate vindication for Wolverine.

I also really enjoyed Quentin in this issue, but that’s nothing new, he’s enjoyable all the time. Most interesting for me was Dog Logan, who saved Quentin and who seems to have some sort of rivalry with Sabretooth brewing. I love how Aaron writes this character, how he’s not really a bad guy, and him fighting Sabretooth would be amazing. The scenes with Husk are also interesting, as Aaron continues to drop hints about why she’s suddenly crazy. I never much cared for Husk, but now I’m interested in what her deal is.

Of course, the X-Men are involved in this issue, as at the end they finally find out where the Hellfire School is, thanks to Krakoa. A lot of stuff has happened in this story, and there’s still 2 issues left, what else can there be? Nick Bradshaw’s art was good once again, apart from the aforementioned weird dominatrix Idie, but that’s not his fault really, although, he boobs did grow between panels on page 1, which was… strange.

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