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Wolverine & The X-Men #39 (I love homework Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:48 pm

Jason Aaron’s final arc on this book continues to be awesome, but I did feel that one particular plotline felt a bit too rushed.

This issue is pretty much evenly split between following Wolverine’s investigations into SHIELD, and also showing the SHIELD agents who are infiltrating the Jean Grey School. Wolverine is of course pissed off, as he carves his way through the SHIELD agents, even going so far as to shower one with shit. He knows it’s a trap, but what he’s not expecting is for Cyclops to also be there. Any meeting between Wolverine and Cyclops is going to be a gripping, intense moment, and this was that, but it was cool to seem them not immediately come to blows. They hate each other, yes, but they also realised that they’d both been played, and needed to team up to fight the 2 Sentinels that attack. One cool aspect of these scenes is that both characters have had their powers weakened. We all know that Cyclops’ powers have been erratic ever since he was The Phoenix, and now the fact that Wolverine has lost his healing factor and his now ‘killable’ is being reflected in other titles, like this one. So not only do these two rivals have to team up, they now know that their enemy is weaker than they perhaps knew. That should be interesting in the future, as the ‘schism’ between these two characters runs and runs.

Back at the school, the undercover twins are fully embedded in the school, and experiencing life at the JGS at it’s wacky best, including the school’s unique concept of homework, which looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Tri-Joey seems pretty much won over by the school already, and that’s the aspect of the story I think is a bit rushed, this character has only been around for 2 issues, and already he’s experiencing a change of heart, and that quick turnaround not only makes his story seem strange, but also makes his sisters strident hatred of mutants stand out as odd too. I guess the X-writers are making SHIELD just full-on mutant-haters now, which seems wrong to me, especially since the twins are working for a Mutant themselves in Dazzler (who is actually Mystique).

The twins share what they’ve learnt about many of the students, which serves as a cool insight into how these characters are changing, we learn some more about Sprite, and we see how Eye-Boy is working on becoming an actual bad-ass, and also get some movement on Shark Girl succumbing more to her shark side. We also see that Broo’s return to normal may not have been as smooth as we thought, as he is going out at night and eating animals. The SHIELD agents sneak off into the school, to break into the teacher’s lounge, steal a load of intel to send to Dazzler, and plant a bomb, but they are stopped by the prominent students, who are on to them. I’m guessing this came out when Tri-Joey mentioned to Broo that he knew his favourite food was Tofu omelets. That info was probably in a SHIELD file, and not from just conversation.

Pepe Larraz’s art was once again very strong, and appropriate for this arc of the series, which is a bit less comedic than usual. I think this arc, whilst maybe a bit rushed, is a great way for Aaron to end things, as it just shows how many cool characters and ideas he’s brought to the X-Men, it’s a celebration of the power of the Jean Grey School really.

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