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Wolverine & The X-Men #16 (A quiet child Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:09 pm

Jason Aaron returns to what are the main villains of this series, the Hellfire Club, and gives us some very cool insight into just what kind of a psycho Kade Kilgore is. This was a hugely entertaining issue, with lots of the kind of crazy over the top moments this book specialises in. I just love the character of Kilgore, he’s so crazy and so arrogant it’s unbelievably entertaining. He stood up to the Phoenix Five! He’s killed hundreds of people! He caused a prison riot after 10 minutes! What a great role model for our children. Chris Bachalo’s artwork was once again fantastic, such a great fit for the tone of this book, is this his last issue? If so, it’s a damn shame, but he went out on a good one. I’m sure there will be some people a bit annoyed that none of this book’s heroes showed up, but I personally didn’t mind, the villains showcased here so much fun and so hateable that it worked. Next issue is a Doop spotlight, words cannot convey how excited I am for that. Doop!

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