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Wonder Woman #12 (BOOM! Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:37 pm

This issue wraps up the story Azzarello has been telling since #1, as Zola gives birth to her baby and the War for Olympus is resolved, and it’s not really in Wonder Woman’s favour. Hell, she basically loses the fight here, which is refreshing to see. Apollo is now King Of Olympus, Hera is depowered and mortal, and worst of all, Hermes turns traitor and steals Zola’s baby. At least Diana got to win the battle if not the war here, as she kicks Artemis’ backside. Chiang really got to cut loose in this issue with some fantastic action scenes, both that aforementioned fight and before that the scene where Wonder Woman flies to Zola’s rescue, which was just classic superheroism at it’s finest. This was a great culmination to the big story, and I can’t wait to see where Azzarello is going with this, especially with the last page reveal about what this was all leading to… the birth of the New Gods! We see Orion, we see a Boom Tube, it’s a fucking brilliant moment. Of course, there are unanswered questions about what all this means, is Zola’s baby Highfather? Is it Darkseid? How does this story jive with the events of Justice League? That story took place 5 years before this one but Darkseid and Apokolips were very much in evidence. I hope DC don’t fuck this up too much, these characters have been off the table since Final Crisis, and whilst I trust Azzarello to do justice to Kirby here, I’m worried. But I am still more excited than I am worried, if this creative team can make me, of all people like Wonder Woman, then I’m sure they can do some kick-ass Fourth World stuff.

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