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Wonder Woman #22 (Try to be better Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:55 am

Another excellent issue of Wonder Woman, this title is just so consistently good. I did roll my eyes a bit towards the end, when it looked like Baby Zeke was going to be kidnapped yet again, for the umpteenth time. But thankfully, Azzarello did the right thing and had Orion return the baby to his mother.

The bulk of this issue was set on New Genesis, and I found this visit there to be very interesting. I haven’t been reading Earth 2, so I’ve missed most of the other New Gods stuff in the New 52, but it’s always good to see these classic characters, and it was great to see Jack Kirby get a credit in this issue. I think it’s been a stroke of genius from Azzarello to have a book all about ancient Gods also feature the New Gods, and this just continued here, I really liked the scene with Orion, where you see his true face. Orion is such a great character and Chiang draws him so well. But then, Chiang draws everything well, this book looks beautiful, from the Soviet-style cover, to the sci-fi world of New Genesis. This is DC’s best looking comic right now, no arguments.

The ending was also very tantalising, I want the next one now. Wonder Woman returns to a London in ruins, with the First Born sat on the throne in Westminster Abbey with an army of Jackal-Men. Not only is an epic battle about to commence, but we get the sad confirmation of Lennox’s death, as the First Born throws his head at Diana’s feet. I was very shocked by this, not by the fact that he was dead, but by the graphic depiction of his head, it was disturbing. So, bring on #23, it’s going to be brutal.

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