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Cataclysm: Ultimates' Last Stand #4 (Little Wolverine Spoile

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:24 pm

It’s the penultimate issue of this event, and man, things look bleak for the Ultimate Universe. Thanks to the solicitations, we now know that the UU is thankfully sticking around with some exciting new books, but that doesn’t stop this issue from feeling appropriately apocalyptic. I mean, just look at the cover, Captain America is fucking dead, and the inside of those covers aren’t any cheerier.

The issue begins with the X-Men, who, having appeared at the end of #2 finally make their way back into the main story, standing in the middle of a deserted New York street and trying to work out what to do. Most of them want to leave, but Kitty, who of course lived in New York herself when she was part of Ultimate Spider-Man’s supporting cast, wants to stay and help. Which is what they do, as Captain America shows up, does an Uncle Sam/Lord Kitchener point at Kitty and tells her that they need her help to stop Galactus. On the Triskelion, Kitty and the rest of the X-Men are filled in on what Galactus is, and what the plan is. They want Kitty to phase through his technology and disrupt it, but before they can do that, they’ll have to pump her full of Pym Particles and make her giant and give her a suit of Iron Man tech. It’s probably a suicide mission, but Kitty agrees.

Also part of the plan is to use Jean Grey and a Cerebro (yep, SHIELD have a Cerebro) to try and read Galactus’ mind and see if she can find any weaknesses. She puts on the helmet, and reads Big Purple’s mind, where she finds out that he’s hungry and desperate and scared that he won’t be able to get back to his own Universe. Unfortunately, Galactus senses Jean’s presence, notices that the superheroes are near, and attacks.

This leads to a frantic scramble, with the Triskelion trying to get away from Galactus’ grasp, as both Thor and Captain America try to buy some time. Cap flies off in a plane and flies right into Galactus’ mouth in a fiery explosion. We do see a panel of Cap running away from the plane’s controls, but given the cover, it does look like he’s dead. The issue ends with the Triskelion crashing to Earth in an even more fiery explosion and Galactus saying ‘I hunger’ before getting back to work.

So yeah, at this point, the Ultimate Universe is pretty much screwed. Even though we do know that it’s not going anywhere, the final issue here should be fascinating, just to see how Bendis manages to have the heroes stop Galactus. Mark Bagley’s art was once again excellent, but that’s what Bagley is, consistent greatness. I can’t wait for the final chapter here, it should be crazy.

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