Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #8 (Cheapest whiskeys Spoilers)

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Title: This guy, right?

Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #8 (Cheapest whiskeys Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:02 pm

My review of this issue has been pretty much compromised by the news that this series is probably ending with #15. I’m normally fairly sanguine about cancellations in comics, but in this case, I’m pissed off. This series was and is so good, it really should have more readers than it does, and if you didn’t heed my warnings each and every month to pick it up, I am holding you personally responsible for the cancellation and you will pay. You will fucking pay!


Anyway, this issue was just as good as ever, and, after the Beetle origin story last time, Spencer and Lieber reunite and get right back to the main story. The issue opens with a dream sequence, with Boomerang hanging out at the pool with his prospective girlfriend, Obama, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and Dormammu, as well as swimming for buried treasure. There’s some metaphor in there, but really it was very funny, especially when Fred isn’t even able to get a girl to take off her top in his own dreams. This is all happening whilst Fred is unconscious during his torture at the hands of Chameleon and his goon, who still wants to know where the Head Of Silvermane is. Fred says he doesn’t know where it is, and for once he’s telling the truth, because the head is with Shocker at his apartment. I loved the sequence between Shocker and Silvermane, it was hilarious and Shocker is just such a damn loser. The fact that he considers himself to be Spider-Man’s arch-enemy is both funny and tragic, which pretty much describes this whole series. I especially loved the capper to that scene, with Silvermane leaping up and biting Shocker’s nose.

As for the rest of the Sinister Six (Five), they have been freed by Tombstone and have split up to try and track down Boomerang. I loved how shit-scared of Tombstone Overdrive and Speed Demon were, it shows how he’s on another level of villainy altogether.

After this it’s back to the torture, as Chameleon has Fred hooked up to a jack in the box via electrodes in his nose. It’s fucked up, and it leads to another dream sequence, that mostly plays as a parody of dream sequences. Fred wakes up to see that Chameleon has found the portrait and taken it, which has wiped out their debt, but there’s soon another knock on his door, which he answers, boomerang in hand.

It turns out to be his love interest (does she have a name? I don’t think one has been mentioned at all, I guess this is either to show how much of a dick Boomerang is, but she might also have a secret identity herself) who is there to go out for drinks. She jiu-jitsus the fuck out of him, and they go out, where he’s forced to finally explain what’s going on with him. At first, Fred says he’s a super-hero, which she admits is a turn-on, but then he says he’s actually a super-villain, which is less appealing, until he explains how C-List he is, but in a positive way. In a surprising turn, this woman is remarkably receptive to this news, and to Fred’s recap of basically the entire story up until now. In fact, she even tells him that he shouldn’t just give up on the Portrait of Doom, and should try and steal it back.

They lean in for a kiss, but trouble is up. Steve Lieber (who is awesome as ever throughout) draws the final page in a series of circular panels representing a Sniper-Sight, aiming right at Boomerang’s head. The person behind that Sniper Rifle? It’s only goddamn Bullseye! I’m not going to quibble here about how Bullseye being here makes no sense considering the state he was in when he was last seen in Daredevil, this was just a great moment. The characters in this title that we’ve come to know are loveable C-List losers, but now they are going up against an A-List psychopath killing machine. I can’t wait to see what happens next issue, even though it might involve Boomerang’s nameless love getting her head blown off. That would be a dark turn for this book, but I think it could work.

I’m angry about this series coming to an end, but we still have 7 issues left, which is a lot. I highly recommend going back and picking it up, even when it does end, you’ll get a complete, amazing story with a unique, hilarious tone. I sometimes feel I do this series a disservice in this reviews by just skimming through the plot, as Superior Foes isn’t really about the plot, it’s about the humour and characters. It’s just so damn good, we need to cherish every last panel.


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Re: Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #8 (Cheapest whiskeys Spoile

Postby Zechs » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:17 pm

Yeah the Bullseye thing has me in the same boat Punchy. But then again this could be the Chameleon or even Mysterio. Who knows.

sdsichero wrote:
I especially like and admire Zechs. He's everything I wish I could be!

Dragavon wrote:Zechs... is...

I can't say it. It's too horrible.

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Re: Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #8 (Cheapest whiskeys Spoile

Postby Stalzer2002 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:47 pm

I'm absolutely convinced that Fred's girlfriend is someone in disguise. Her suddenly showing up at the bar a few issues ago is way too suspicious. I just don't know who she is. Is she the Chameleon? Is she working for Abe? Does she serve Dormammu? Or is she simply trying to join his gang?

All in all, this was another fantastic issue. The Shocker/Silvermane scene was hilarious, as were Fred's dreams (check out the little Silver Surfer flying around his girlfriend's head!). The conversation between Fred and his girlfriend was a great character building scene too. This book is the perfect mix of comedy and drama.
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Re: Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #8 (Cheapest whiskeys Spoile

Postby Pink_Orchid » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:47 pm

Buy this book!

Draco x
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Re: Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #8 (Cheapest whiskeys Spoile

Postby Draco x » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:31 pm

Good review, Punchy, as this sounds like a good read.

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