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Uncanny #6 (She's faking you idiot Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:10 pm

The final issue of this first Uncanny mini-series (I thought it was an ongoing, d’oh) wraps up Weaver’s incarceration nicely and sets things up for a very interesting second story arc indeed.

Andy Diggle picks up right where he left off, with Deacon Styles waging a one-man assault on the Cadre Compound, and using his unique abilities to turn them against each other. I loved the scene where he makes all of the guards kill one another, so dark and twisted, you can tell Diggle is having fun just pushing superpowers to places mainstream books won’t go. In the midst of the chaos, Maggie is able to escape, and she frees Weaver. Rather than leave, Weaver asks her about the Wolf that he’s been seeing, and, just as he assumed, she’s been seeing it as well. It turns out that Styles planted this in their heads, and has been using it to track their location. The plan was for them to be captured all along, and for them to lead him here.

Weaver works out that Styles must be here for the occupant of the other cell, which he and Maggie unlock, to find Morgan. Morgan claims Styles is the most dangerous man on the planet, and he should know… they are brothers. Morgan demonstrates his abilities to help Maggie and Weaver escape, he has electrical powers, and uses them to start an armoured car, and our heroes are in the wind. Morgan also knows Weaver’s real name, so he’s certainly going to be an important character. Styles is furious that his brother is gone, but he takes his frustration out by killing the rest of the guards and leaving himself alone with Doctor De Santos, the head guy at this compound.

The issue ends with a mysterious woman arriving in the aftermath of Styles’ attack and being debriefed about what’s gone on. She then reveals herself to be… Weaver’s mother! Man, that’s a hell of an ending. She mentions having the ability to remotely wipe people’s brains, so I imagine that’s what happened to Weaver. Could this be a Planetary type situation, where Weaver, like Elijah Snow, is being drawn into a conspiracy and secret world he himself was a big part of?

This was a great ending to an exciting first arc, if you’re a fan of Andy Diggle’s previous works, definitely pick up the collection in time to jump on for Season 2. It’s the perfect meld between his realistic stuff like The Losers, and his superhero work. Aaron Campbell’s art is also great, it’s very realistic, so it grounds the more out-there elements very well. This doesn’t look like a sci-fi book, but it is.

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