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Invincible #109 (You're not really you Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:12 pm

Those of you who are regular readers of my reviews (if anyone actually reads these things at all) will know that I’m a sucker for an alternate universe story, and as such, I really enjoyed this issue of Invincible, that takes place in a reality where Mark turned evil and conquered the planet for the Viltrumite Empire. After the shocking events that closed off #108, Mark has to pretend to be his evil counterpart and attempt to find a way back home, but in doing so, he may have created a far worse situation.

The story begins right after Robot turned on Mark, killing the Evil Invincible and Angstrom Levy and trapping him in this universe. Invincible, thinking on his feet, rips out his own hair and pretends to be his now-dead doppelganger. His plan to get back home is to work with this universe’s version of Robot, who is still stuck in his deformed baby-body. Robot (or Rudy) fills us in a bit on the back-story of this reality’s Invincible, including confirmation that he killed Atom Eve. Robot agrees to help Mark at first, but then reveals that there’s something stopping him from moving forward… he has no incentive to help him leave. If the ‘real’ Mark stays here, he can help take down the Viltrumite Empire from within and save Earth, but if he leaves… well, they’ll just stay in power.

Invincible’s solution for this is this problem is to track down this Universe’s Mauler Twins, or rather just Mauler, as, due to the Viltrumites, he doesn’t have the facilities to clone himself again. Mark convinces Mauler to clone him and transfer Rudy’s consciousness into the body, so that Robot can stick around pretting to be the evil Invincible and get rid of the Viltrumites. Over the next few weeks we see the 2 projects progress, but just as they are about to finish, the patience of the other Viltrumites runs out. They had bought Invincible’s story about having to stay away until now, but they show up at Robot’s base with their biggest weapon… a baby. This baby is Monster Girl, who hasn’t had her de-aging stopped, and so, when they throw this Baby at the base, she turns into a giant, monster and prepares to wreck shit up.

But luckily, they are just that bit too late. Rudy’s mind is transferred into the Invincible clone (right as his baby-body is crushed) and the real Mark is able to fly on home safely, leaving Rudy-Vincible to stop his fellow Viltrumites. I definitely think this is going to come back to bite Mark in the ass. The real Robot just betrayed him, and now he’s just given a version of that same guy a body with the same powers as him. It might not happen for 20 or 50 issues, but you just know it’s going to a major storyline in the future. But for now, there’s the original Robot to deal with.

This was an enjoyable look at a twisted, dark version of the Invincible characters we’re familiar with, but it was made even better by the fact that it’s not throwaway. The stuff that happened here will matter. Ryan Ottley’s art was excellent as usual, especially the alternate reality Monster Girl. Not many

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