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Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (And I have lady parts Spo

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Postby Punchy » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:17 am

Given that Galactus doesn’t show up until the very last page of this issue, and that this is the exact same creative team, this is basically Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #29, and I could not be happier about it.

Bendis and Marquez pick up where they left off, with Spider-Man and his new allies trying to work out what to do after they attacked Roxxon. Spider-Woman is on the Heli-Carrier with the rest of The Ultimates, at first wondering if she’s fired, and then wanting to put together a permanent team. Monica Chang and Spider-Woman explain what went on to the rest of the team, and even reveal that she’s a clone of Peter Parker, and man, this was a great scene. Bendis writes The Ultimates really well here, and I loved seeing Thor eating Chinese and struggling to think of a profound maxim to say. It was also great that Cap and Iron Man and the rest were very pleased that Miles was back as Spidey, and that carried on into his scenes, as we see how well respected he has become.

Of course, he still has to go to school, and we see him fast asleep in class. Being Spider-Man again is great and all, but it will still have an adverse effect on the rest of Miles’ life. But hey, he does seem to be enjoying himself, which is awesome to see, and it put a smile on my face. This continues in the aftermath of his busting up a fight (without really doing anything), as the NYPD are actually glad he’s back, even giving him a hug. It’s always weird when the Police like Spider-Man, it can’t last, trouble has to be around the corner, and that trouble is big and purple.

Speaking of the NYPD, Bendis also checks up on Bombshell, who is banned from using her powers as part of her parole, and is called in by the Police for using them and is going to be sent to prison. Of course, this is entirely unfair, as Lana was using her powers alongside SHIELD and the Police. She blows up the cop’s phone, and runs away. I really liked this scene, and it’s great how far Bombshell has come, at first she was just a foul-mouthed Gilmore Girls reference, but now, she could become a real superhero, It’s one of the few subplots that has carried over from Peter Parker’s time as Spider-Man to Miles’, and it’s great stuff.

The final scene of the issue is focussed on Cloak and Dagger, who decide to go visit their parents and tell them they aren’t dead. Unfortunately, Dagger’s parents have moved away, so what can they do? They decide to become superheroes too, and find the biggest bad guy they can and hit him. That big guy? Galactus, who shows up right at the end here to do what he did in Cataclysm.

This was a really enjoyable issue, which makes sense as Ultimate Spider-Man is a great series and this is basically that. I really think that post-Cataclysm, Bendis is going to be writing some kind of Miles Morales-led team-book with these characters. Although, maybe he’s just going to kill them all off with a big Galactus boot? I doubt it though. It’s great to see that Bendis hasn’t forgotten about his subplots and supporting characters in amongst the cosmic destruction, and I’m definitely excited to see how the two mesh in the next 2 issues of this mini-series, and even more with how it will all turn out in the end.

Dave Marquez’s art was just as good as always, but I did detect a little bit more looseness and a bit more of a similarity to Sara Pichelli here, which is most welcome indeed. If you were reading USM and aren’t reading Cataclysm, pick this up, it’s much more related to the former than the latter.

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