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Invincible #107 (That explains the giant monster Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:09 pm

You know, I think Invincible might be one of the hardest comics to review month to month. It has such a different structure to most superhero comics, as there are no real defined story arcs, and Kirkman just continues the ongoing soap opera, and you’re never sure where any of the subplots are going until they surprisingly explode. This means that some issues are absolutely crazy and packed, and others are a bit too slow. It’s hard to write about it without just recapping, but hey.

This issue mostly focuses on the return of Doc Seismic, as we see what happened to him when was melted. He was transformed into a bad-ass lava dude, and has teamed-up with a bad-ass lava lady called ‘Volcanikka’ (Kirkman does come up with some great names), who is part of some evil lava race and wants to use Seismic’s knowledge of the surface world to conquer it. Seismic and Volcanikka attack with a host of monsters, and are engaged by Invincible and the rest of the Guardians Of The Globe. Interestingly, Invincible isn’t the one who defeats the giant monster, nope, it’s that female Viltrumite (I can’t remember her name, and Kirkman doesn’t remind us of it here). Invincible and her talk, and it looks like she’s got a thing for Mark, and she kisses him, which, given he’s engaged, is not cool. However, as she says, she didn’t see any resistance from him. Mark and Eve’s relationship has been going well for far too long by Invincible standards really, so this is a good time for some rockiness.

Mark heads home, where Eve notices he’s in a weird mode, he doesn’t admit to kissing the lady Viltrumite, but instead says he’s still thinking about Angstrom Levy being out there. Eve assures him that Levy is probably already dead, but Mark is still worried, and luckily, later that night, Robot calls him up and tells him that he can open up a portal to find the villain, which is what’s going to happen next issue, and from the cover, it looks like it’s going to be bloody.

In terms of other subplots, there’s some stuff at the beginning with Monster Girl’s daughter explaining to her dad (comics are weird aren’t they?) about some of the terrible things Robot did in the Flaxan dimension, which could lead to some interesting places. The Robot/Monster Girl stuff has been dragging on for ages now, so I’m ready for it to explode again.

This title just consistently delivers, month-in, month-out (although it has slowed down in schedule a bit lately). The art from Ottley is awesome as always, and I certainly am interested in what’s happening with Angstrom Levy and the Viltrumite woman. Hmm, maybe it’s not so hard to review.

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